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11 February 2009 @ 07:04 pm

what do you think about this guys??

me are like  white blood cells
trying hard to get you out of my system
whenever i see you, my body experiences this rush
nothin can stop it even closing my eyes

eyes open or eyes closed
it gets worse, this adrenaline rush you call

eyes open or eyes closed
your wonderful face is what i see all in all
my eyes sends a glorious message to my brain
telling my heart to let a tremendous beat
the nerve message travels through my whole body
making me want to scream and slap my cheeks
seeing you everitime like a prowling feline
was like when a predator sees its prey
my eyes are glued on the screen
just admiring how strong yet fragile you look
in my sleepless nights
i saw nothing but you
thinking i have night blindness
but heaven knows i dont
i might not see you in person
you might die coz its the end of your cycle
and the two of you will now be together
my cycle is not finished yet
so forever my love will never set

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16 June 2008 @ 08:44 pm
 i just love posting my story...

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01 June 2008 @ 04:05 pm

i love this!!!
05 May 2008 @ 05:25 pm

Title: Addams Family Beginning

Rating: PG- 13

Plot: I am justinne. And I admit it. I am addicted so to Anjelica Huston and Morticia Addams since last year. And that addiction caused me to write various stories with Anjelica’s character names and also her own name as the main characters. One them is Addams Family Beginning, which I am letting you to read.


          The Addams family. Ever since, the Addamses are together… but one time, an intruder entered their family. They never thought that they of almost lost one of the most important members and person of the family… Morticia Frump Addams.

this is just the first scene... hope you like it... please add comment...
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21 April 2008 @ 07:14 pm


i just love anjelica huston forever!!!!!!!!!

08 April 2008 @ 08:27 pm

this is my first time to post an entry in my journal..

you know... i have an illness...

this illness is called 'anjelica uston fever' and 'morticia addams-titis' ...


im really addicted to her..

now its summer in the philippines.. meaning there are no classes..

meaning no money to spend my everyday in internet shops..

meaning no money to print the pictures of the most beautiful person in the world...{well... thats my thought}..

i want to send my mail to her but i have no money!!!

i really wish that someday in the near future i will see her in person and have her picture that she personally signed.

i love her!!!

but just as her avid number one fan...

i want to learn more about her...

i want to go to california!!!!!!!!!!